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Thomas A. Owen III


“It is impossible for a doctor to keep up on the latest in the healing profession. I can recommend AMC to guide the doctor in his or her practice. The reason I can recommend AMC is because I know Tom Owen personally and what he stands for. Everything he teaches is from years upon years of personal experience.”
– John W. Proctor, D.C., Grad. Palmer College, 1948

“Tom has sat at the feet of the master his entire life. His maturation into a leader in our profession was as inevitable as the sun coming up tomorrow. However, without a heart for service, all the head knowledge would be of little value. Tom Owen III has such a heart.”
– Thomas A. Boch, D.C., Mechanicsburg, PA

“Tom has not only ‘mentally digested’ my materials and programs, but he now is improving such. Of course, that is the dream of any creative parent. This is all enhanced by his intelligence, dedication, honesty, and morality.”
– Thomas A. Owen D.C. PHC, FAPC

Dr. Todd Osborne

dr-oz-cst-photo-transDr. Todd Osborne graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, IA, in 1989. He gained valuable knowledge and practice insights as an associate at the Vance Chiropractic Office in Carthage, Il before going into private practice in 1991, where he ran a very successful, high volume, multiple doctor practice in Farmer City, Il.

Dr. Osborne retired from active practice in 2004 to put his full efforts into helping other chiropractors in the profession to realize their potential by becoming a part of AMC, Inc where he is now the Vice President.

He has dedicated his life to the study of chiropractic, success, and leadership and has been blessed in these areas. He strives to help all those in the profession to reach higher levels in these areas, having lectured to students and doctors of chiropractic all over the United States.

Dr. Osborne now resides in the Chattanooga, TN area with his family, wife Marcie, son Colin, and daughter Courtney. His oldest daughter Casie, lives with her husband Andrew and their 2 small children in Bloomington, Il, and daughter Christie is currently pursuing her chiropractic degree at Life University.

He is an active Christian, having held many lay leadership and teaching positions in the churches he has attended. Dr. Osborne and family currently attend Rock Bridge Community Church in Dalton, GA.

Dr. Osborne’s purpose and passion is to help as many people as possible to reach higher levels of success in their lives physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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